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Glad you found us! Hupsista Keikkaa Oy is a Turku-based company that specializes in implementing unique programs for parties and events.

When you are visiting Finland for a conference, fair or want to arrange an event – small or big – we can help you out! We are familiar with the Southern Finland area, various locations and entrepreneurs having to do with the event organizing field.

We are here to serve you. We can scout locations, venues, hotels, catering services, performers, PR and media assistants, and find partners for all your needs.

We are a multilingual office with fluent Finnish, Swedish and English speakers and have connections and partners who can be your contact person in Spanish, Portuguese and languages spoken in India.

In the photo above, a visitor of a shopping center is participating in a challenge where she needs to solve her way out of a labyrinth blindfolded.

Our mission is to create experiences that are unique, astonishing and memorable.

Forget  lukewarm buffet food and a basic orchestra in the corner of the room! Hupsista Keikkaa was born as a protest against the rigidity, slowness, and lack of imagination of traditional event planning. 

Let’s re-discover and re-define event organizing with Hupsista Keikkaa!

Whether your company is traveling to Finland for a fair, is organizing a company recreation day, a Christmas party, a promotion event, or any customized project, we’ve got you covered from the design to the whole implementation process. We will tailor a plan to fit your desire, expectation, and budget. Send us an offer request and we will respond within 24 hours!


We offer:

    • The basic and extraordinary entertainment content and recreational activities
    • Scouting locations, venues, hotels, local events and partners to meet your needs
    • Engaging, creative, and interactive games on various themes
    • Made-to-order events for exquisite, lasting memories
    • Crazy ideas combined with solid know-how to create successful, unforgettable, unprecedented events


Corporate events (Parties, Kick-off, Recreational Days and more)

Corporate events serve as crucial occasions to strengthen the bond among colleagues, foster relationships, build trust, embrace diversity, and promote inclusivity. Our company offers a diverse range of corporate events, including but not limited to Christmas parties, kick-off events, recreational days, and team-building activities. With your preferences in mind, we meticulously plan and design a theme for the event, and there are no limits to what we can achieve!

What kind of corporate event are you envisioning for your company? Would you like a glamorous gala with stunning performances or an exciting adventure on an exotic island to explore new facets of your colleagues? Or perhaps you want to challenge your staff to experience something entirely novel? We are committed to crafting extraordinary events that surprise, amuse, and engage attendees.

Our all-in-one service includes event design, decoration, printing, and sending invitations, providing performers, presenters, bands, DJs, catering, and managing the event from start to finish. We have a vast network of cooperators and industry professionals, including the renowned HeVi Props Oy for top-notch decoration services.



Mysteries and Escape Games

Murder Mystery and other mysterious games are our specialties! Murder Mystery is a type of an interactive game where players are tasked with solving a fictional murder case. Everyone will be given a specific role to play: including suspects, detectives, witnesses, and other characters related to the story. Players must use their observational and deductive skills to gather clues, interview suspects and witnesses, and ultimately solve the mystery. It’s up to your group to find out which one of you is the murderer. The murderer’s most important mission is not to get caught!

The murder mystery can be a surprise for your team, or you can prepare for the evening according to your chosen theme (for example the glamor of 1920s or 1950s). If you wish, you can set a dress code for the party, and in addition, the murder mystery game leaders bring decorations and props to borrow.

A murder mystery is particularly suitable for Christmas parties or after-dark evenings. The ideal place for a mystery night is, of course, an old manor that matches the atmosphere, but the murder mystery can be carried out in a party space you rent or even in your office space that is large enough, so the participants can fit well in a common space.

We arrange mysteries mainly in Turku, Helsinki, Tampere and their economic areas. But we also welcome inquiries from other areas. We also offer services for Pop Up Escape Games and Horror houses.


Event Production

Welcome to Hupsista Keikkaa, your go-to event production company for customized events that fit a wide range of budgets. Our team specializes in creating inclusive and experiential programs for a variety of occasions and parties.

Whether it’s a special graduation party for your 60-year-old mother who just finished another degree, a meet and greet with a glittering station on a TPS family game day, a shopping center event with a mystical puzzle challenge for shoppers, or a special recreational day on a quiet island, we can make it happen.

If you’re stuck on ideas for your party, don’t worry! We offer a free consultation session to help you brainstorm and bring your vision to life. Our team loves creating new events and bringing new experiences to our clients. We pride ourselves on our creativity, and our ideas never run dry.

Let us take care of the details and provide you with an unforgettable event. Contact us today to start planning your next customized event!




Contact us, and together we will raise your events to the next level!


Hupsista Keikkaa Oy

Office: Uittamontie 12, Turku

business ID: 3160914-2

Tel. 044 085 0722


CEO, performer:

Viljami Sainio

Producer, performer:

Tina Salminen