Let’s re-discover and re-define event organizing with Hupsista Keikkaa!

Forget lukewarm buffet food and a traditional orchestra in the corner of the room! Hupsista Keikkaa was born as a protest against the rigidity, slowness, and lack of imagination in conventional event planning.

Our mission is to create experiences that are unique, astonishing and memorable.

Whether it’s a company recreation day, a calendar holiday party, a promotion event, or any customized project, we’ve got you covered from the design to the whole implementation process. We will tailor a plan to fit your desire, expectation and budget. Send us an offer request and we will respond within 24 hours!

Corporate events (Parties, Kick-off, Recreational Days and more)

Corporate events are important days to enhance the bond between coworkers. They are good opportunities to strengthen relationships, build mutual trust and understanding, embrace the diversity of your company, and make people feel included. 

We offer all types of corporate events that you would think of and ask for. Christmas Party, Kick-off events, Recreational Day, Team Building, you name it! We create a plan and design a theme for the event/party according to your request, and the sky is our limit!

What could your company party be this time?

A great gala like Hollywood with captivating performers, or an incredible adventure on an island where you discover new aspects of your colleagues? Or are you challenging your staff to do something they have never experienced before? We are passionate about creating captivating events that surprise people, make them laugh, and make them want to participate in. 

We have an all-inclusive service, which means we design and decorate, we print and send invitations, we provide performers, presenters, a band and DJ, food and catering, and we help to manage the event from start to finish. We have a strong cooperation network and connections with performers and professionals in the event industry. For the most stunning decoration, we cooperate with HeVi Props Oy.

Event Production

We offer customized event production for a wide range of budgets. Hupsista Keikkaa specializes in implementing an inclusive and experiential program for various occasions and parties. It can be anything that you can come up with: a special Graduation Party for your Mom when she finished another degree at 60, a Meet & Greet and a glittering station on a TPS Family Game day, a shopping center event with a mystical puzzle that challenges shoppers to solve it, a special recreational day on a quiet island, and more. If you are stuck at finding ideas for your party, request a free consultant session with us. We love creating new events that bring new experiences to our clients, and our ideas never end!

We think that a little bit crazy is better than boring

We offer:

  • Extraordinary entertainment content and recreational activities
  • Engaging, creative, and interactive games on various themes
  • Made-to-order events for exquisite, lasting memories
  • Crazy ideas combined with solid know-how to create successful, unforgettable, unprecedented events
Who we are:

Hupsista Keikkaa Oy is a Turku-based company that specializes in implementing unique programs for parties and events. We have organized hundreds of weddings and birthdays, corporate recreation days, shopping center events, and municipal and state projects. Our core business areas are Turku and Southwest Finland, but we also operate in Uusimaa, Pirkanmaa, and the rest of Finland. We have our own in-house band Show n Covers which has been performing and collaborating with other event organizers since 2016.

Contact us, and together we will raise your events to the next level!